The first step is a meeting with our President, James Simon. With years of experience in all aspects of investigation, Jim carefully evaluates each case, explores the options and cost estimates, and advises clients on what they can be doing to facilitate the process. For clients who are out of the area, phone conference over a secure line is always available.

Once a client has made the decision to move forward, investigators will review the information and begin formulating a strategy. As a case unfolds and more information becomes available, we must frequently re-evaluate the circumstances and tailor our methods to meet the individual needs of our client, focusing on the outcome that is most beneficial to them.

As we progress, clients are advised of developments by either written report or phone conference, and counseled on how to manage the situation on their end. Investigators must often stress to clients the need for maintaining strict confidentiality. We cannot adequately convey the importance of this advice.

When we have completed our investigation, clients are provided with a written report, including any supporting documents, video recordings, or evidentiary material. We recommend another conference at the conclusion to discuss additional recommendations or arrange for court testimony or deposition of our agents.